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Fountain Lake RV Park Membership

Purchase a 99-year lease for a lot and pay an annual membership dues of $300.00 per year plus electricity.

Lease includes water, sewer, trash and use of lawn equipment (gas included) at no additional cost.   RV can remain on lot all year.

Members can make board approved improvements to their lots. Gazebos, patios, decks and sheds are allowed.

Members can be any adult owning a self-contained, name brand RV, and are allowed to purchase up to three (3) leases at Fountain Lake RV Park, Inc.

We are a member maintained park and as such we need members to help with the maintenance of the park.

As a member you are expected, depending on your abilities, to help with the maintenance of the water, sewer, electrical system, buildings, grounds, kitchen duties, and other park involvement.

Members must abide by the park’s Standing Rules and By-Laws.  Please ask for a copy if you are interested in a lease.





New John Deere Mowers Available for Members to Use

Library in Clubhouse for Use by Members

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Attention all Members

We are now using the park’s email address for all membership communication. Please let the office know if you have any changes to your email listed in the current directory.